“Reassigned Constant-Q transform” by S. Fenet & al.

Cette page contient les sons et le code Matlab qui accompagnent l’article (soumis à Elsevier Signal Processing) […]

B. Fuentes et al., “Harmonic Adaptive Latent Component Analysis of Audio and Application to Music Transcription,” in IEEE Trans. on ASLP, submitted

The Matlab code of the algorithm can be found on the author’s webpage.

B. Fuentes et al., “Blind Harmonic Adaptive Decomposition Amplied to Supervised Source Separation,” in Proc. of EUSIPCO, August 2012

The Matlab code of the Graphical User Interface described in the paper can be found on the author’s website.

Multiclass Feature Selection with Kernel Gram-matrix-based criteria

Multiclass Feature Selection with Kernel Gram-matrix-based criteria

On the Web page referenced below, you will have access to the source code of the methods proposed in the paper:

« Multiclass Feature Selection with Kernel Gram-matrix-based criteria », M. Ramona, G. Richard, B. David, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, to appear, 2012


B. Fuentes et al., “Probabilistic Model for Main Melody Extraction Using Constant-Q Transform,” in Proc. of ICASSP, March 2012

Sound examples and the Matlab code of the algorithm can be found on the companion webpage of this paper.

Sound Onset labellizer

This software (Sound Onset Labellizer) is a computer program whose purpose is to manually put notes onsets on .wav musical files (mono).

Details about this annotation software, freely distributed, is available in the paper: [pdf] P. Leveau, L. Daudet et G. Richard ,”Methodology and Tools for the evaluation of automatic onset detection algorithms in music”, […]

SeparateLead: Lead instrument Separation

SeparateLead: Lead instrument (or main melody) Separation

On the referenced webpage below, you can access sound examples, source code and Vamp plugin of algorithms described in the paper “A musically motivated mid-level representation for pitch estimation and musical audio source separation”, J.-L. Durrieu, B. David and G. Richard, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics on Signal […]

Inversible CQT

We give an interpretation of the Constant Q transform, which introduces a possible approach to reversing this transformation. Examples and MatLab Toolbox are providedto validate the proposed approach.

Download: Matlab Toolbox

Reference: Une inversion simple de la transformée à Q constant, technical report, 2011, J.Prado (french). [pdf]

Contact: jacques.prado (at) telecom-paristech.fr

DESAM Toolbox – Spectral analysis of musical audio

The DESAM Toolbox, which draws its name from the collaborative project Décomposition en Eléments Sonores et Applications Musicales funded by the French ANR, is a set of Matlab functions dedicated to the estimation of widely used spectral models from, potentially musical, audio signals. Although those models can be used in Music Information Retrieval (MIR) tasks, […]

HRLib – sinusoid/noise separation in audio signals.

HRLib library, developed by Olivier Gillet, is a C implementation of a sinusoid/noise separation method from Roland Badeau’s Thesis [1]. A graphical interface permits to perform separation and mix of separated tracks in real time.

The audio signal is decomposed into a sum of exponentially damped sinusoids (EDS) and autoregressive noise. This decomposition […]