Collaborative projects

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The ADASP research team is involved in several collaborative projects:

Some of our previous projects :

  • ANR-Edison3D (2013-2016): Editing and Rendering for next generation of 3D sound.
  • ANR-Aida (2013-2016): Intelligible Car for Hearing Impaired .
  • OSEO-ROMEO 2 (2012-2016)– Sound scene capture for Humanoid robots
  • European project FP7-REVERIE (2011-2015): REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments
  • European project FP7-VERVE (2011-2014): Vanquishing fear and apathy through E-inclusion: Personalised and populated Realistic Virtual Environments for clinical, home and mobile platforms.
  • MeegaPerf (2011-2014) – EEG Monitoring
  • OSEO-QUAERO (2008 – 2013): Automatic analysis, Classification and Retrieval of multilingual, multimedia documents.
  • Network of Excellence FP7-IST-3Dlife (2010-2013): Analysis/synthesis of 3D audiovisual content for 3D models animation, virtual humans and virtual environments creation.
  • SA-EMC2 (2011-2014): European Centre of excellence in Media Computing and Communication
  • SPOL (2012-2013): Sound Processing on Line
  • ANR-DreAm (2009-2013): Audio source separation, transformation and watermarking for active music listening.
  • ANR-PAFI (2008-2013): Modular platform for assisted musical instrument design.