Séminaire Edoardo Provenzi

Edoardo Provenzi (actuellement postdoc à TSI) nous présentera ses travaux sur :

“Perceptually-inspired enhancement of color LDR and HDR images: a variational perspective”
le mardi 15 octobre à 10h30 en salle DB312 (site Dareau).
The seminar will be devoted to discuss a recently proposed variational framework, both in the spatial and in the wavelet domain, that can embed several existing perceptually-inspired color enhacement algorithms. It can be proven that the human visual system properties are satisfied only by a class of energy functionals, which are given by the balance between a local and illumination-invariant contrast enhancement and an entropy-like adjustment to the average radiance. Within this framework, new measures of perceived contrast are proposed, however, while their mathematical definition is firm, their psychophysical validation is still lacking. Rigurous experiments performed with high dynamic range screens may provide a solution to this problem.
Short bio:
Edoardo Provenzi got the Master Degree in Physics from the University of Milano, Italy, in 2000 and the PhD in Mathematics from the University of Genova, Italy, in 2004. His works in computer vision span different discipline: mathematical foundation of perceptually-inspired color correction algorithms, variational and wavelet analysis of perceived contrast, high dynamic range imaging, motion segmentation and optimal histogram transportation. At the moment, he is a post-doc researcher at Telecom ParisTech.

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