Articles de revue 2013

S. Clémençon, S. Robbiano and N. Vayatis, Ranking Multi-Class Data: Optimality and Pairwise Aggregation, Machine Learning, December 2013 [DOI 10.1007/s10994-012-5325-4].

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J.-M. Thiery, E. Guy and T. Boubekeur, Sphere-Meshes: Shape Approximation using Spherical Quadric Error Metrics , ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia 2013), December 2013, vol. 32, n° 6, pp. Art. 178 [PDF] [hal-01117106].

A. Gramfort, M. Luessi, E. Larson, D. Engemann, D. Strohmeier, R. Goj, M. Jas, T. Brooks, L. Parkkonen and M. Hamalainen, MEG and EEG data analysis with MNE-Python, Frontiers in Neuroscience, December 2013 [PDF] [DOI 10.3389/fnins.2013.00267].

E. Provenzi, Boosting the Stability of Wavelet-Based Contrast Enhancement of Color Images Through Gamma Transformations, Journal of Modern Optics, special issue `Photometry, Colorimetry and Radiometry: Issues and Application', December 2013, vol. 60, n° 4, pp. 1145-1150.

N. Chenouard, I. Bloch and J.-C. Olivo-Marin, Multiple Hypothesis Tracking for Cluttered Biological Image Sequences, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, November 2013, vol. 35, n° 11, pp. 2736-2750.

S. Clémençon, M. Depecker and N. Vayatis, An Empirical Comparison of Learning Algorithms for Nonparametric Scoring - The TreeRank Algorithm and Other Methods, Pattern Analysis and its Applications, October 2013 [DOI 10.1007/s10044-012-0299-1].

C. Joder, S. Essid and G. Richard, LEARNING OPTIMAL FEATURES FOR POLYPHONIC AUDIO-TO-SCORE ALIGNMENT, IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, October 2013, vol. 21, n° 10, pp. 2118-2128.

G. Petrazzuoli, M. Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu, Novel solutions for side information generation and fusion in multiview DVC, Journal of Advances on Signal Processing, October 2013, vol. 2013, n° 154, pp. 17 [PDF].

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T. Coughlan, K. Leder Mackley, M. Brown, S. Martindale, S. Schlögl, B. Mallaband, J. Arnott, J. Hoonhout, D. Szostak, R. Brewer, E. Poole, A. Pirhonen, V. Mitchell, S. Pink and N. Hine, Current Issues and Future Directions in Methods for Studying Technology in the Home, PsychNology Journal, October 2013, vol. 11, n° 2, pp. 159–184 [PDF].

E. Lau, A. Gramfort, G. Kuperberg and M. Hamalainen, Automatic Semantic Facilitation in Anterior Temporal Cortex Revealed through Multimodal Neuroimaging, Journal of Neuroscience, October 2013, vol. 33, n° 43, pp. 17174-17181 [PDF] [DOI DOI:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1018-13.2013].

G. Richard, S. Sundaram and S. Narayanan, An overview on Perceptually Motivated Audio Indexing and Classification, Proceedings of the IEEE, September 2013 [PDF].

C. Aguerrebere, Y. Gousseau and G. Tartavel, Exemplar-based texture synthesis: the Efros-Leung algorithm, Image Processing On line, September 2013.

B. Fuentes, R. Badeau and G. Richard, Harmonic Adaptive Latent Component Analysis of Audio and Application to Music Transcription, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, September 2013, vol. 21, n° 9, pp. 1854-1866 [PDF].

S. Clémençon, A. Crépet and C. Béchaux, Improving Dietary Exposure Models through ABC Methods and Biomonitoring Data, International Journal of Biostatistics, September 2013.

A. Ozerov, A. Liutkus, R. Badeau and G. Richard, Coding-based Informed Source Separation: Nonnegative Tensor Factorization Approach, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, August 2013, vol. 21, n° 8, pp. 1699-1712 [PDF].

S. Clémençon, V. Ch. Tran, M. Davila Felipe and A. Cousien, On Computer-Intensive Simulation and Estimation Methods for Rare Event Analysis in Epidemic Models, STATISTICS IN MEDICINE, August 2013.

S. Clémençon, P. Bertail and J. Tressou, Regenerative Block-Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for the Tail and Extremal Indexes, Electronic Journal of Statistics, July 2013, vol. 7, pp. 1224-1248 [DOI].

O. Derrien, R. Badeau and G. Richard, Parametric Audio Coding with Exponentially Damped Sinusoids, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, July 2013, vol. 21, n° 7, pp. 1489-1501 [PDF].

Z. Harchaoui, F. Bach, O. Cappé and E. Moulines, Kernel-Based Methods for Hypothesis Testing, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, July 2013, vol. 30, pp. 87--97 [DOI 10.1109/MSP.2013.2253631].

O. Morillot, L. Likforman-Sulem and E. Grosicki, New baseline correction algorithm for text-line recognition with bidirectional recurrent neural networks , Journal of Electronic Imaging, July 2013, vol. 22, n° 2.

B. Wang, J. Huang, B. Buchholz, X. Meng and T. Boubekeur, Factorized Point-Based Global Illumination, Computer Graphics Forum (Special Issue on EGSR 2013), July 2013, vol. 32, n° 4, pp. 117-123 [PDF] [hal-01117124].

S. Clémençon, E. Chautru and P. Bertail, On Tail Index Estimation Based on Survey Data, ESAIM Probability & Statistics, July 2013.

B. Elie, F. Gautier and B. David, Estimation of mechanical properties of panels based on modal density and mean mobility measurements, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, July 2013.

J.-R. King, F. Faugeras, A. Gramfort, A. Schurger, I. El Karoui, J. Sitt, B. Rohaut, C. Wacongne, E. Labyt, T. Bekinschtein, L. Cohen, L. Naccache and S. Dehaene, Single-trial decoding of auditory novelty responses facilitates the detection of residual consciousness, Neuroimage, July 2013 [PDF] [DOI 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2013.07.013].

A. Benoit-Levy, T. Dechelette, K. Benabed, J.-F. Cardoso, D. Hanson and S. Prunet, Full-sky CMB lensing reconstruction in presence of sky-cuts, Astronomy and Astrophysics, July 2013, vol. 555 [PDF] [DOI].

M. Clausel, F. Roueff, M. S. Taqqu and C. Tudor, High order chaotic limits of wavelet scalograms under long-range dependence, Lat. Am. J. Probab. Math. Stat, July 2013, vol. 10, n° 2, pp. 979-1011 [PDF].

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D. Benboudjema and F. Tupin, Markovian modelling and Fisher distribution for unsupervised segmentation of radar images, International Journal of Remote Sensing, June 2013 [PDF].

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M. Tepper, P. Musé and A. Almansa, On the Role of Contrast and Regularity in Perceptual Boundary Saliency, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (JMIV), March 2013, vol. 48, n° 3, pp. 396-412 [PDF] [] [DOI 10.1007/s10851-012-0411-6].

S. Clémençon and S. Robbiano, Building Confidence Regions for the ROC Surface, Pattern Recognition Letters, March 2013.

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S. Clémençon, M. Depecker and N. Vayatis, Ranking Forests, Journal of Machine Learning Research, February 2013 [PDF].

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O. Cappé, A. Garivier, O.-A. Maillard, R. Munos and G. Stoltz, Kullback-Leibler Upper Confidence Bounds for Optimal Sequential Allocation, Annals of Statistics, February 2013, vol. 41, n° 3, pp. 1516--1541 [PDF] [DOI 10.1214/13-AOS1119SUPP].

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S. Clémençon, A Statistical View of Clustering Performance through the Theory of U-processes, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, January 2013 [PDF].

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S. Clémençon, Ch. Dhanjal and R. Gaudel, Efficient Eigen-updating for Spectral Graph Clustering, Neurocomputing, January 2013 [PDF].


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