Articles de revue 2017

S. Clémençon, P. Bertail, E. Chautru and g. papa, Survey schemes for stochastic gradient descent with applications to M-estimation, ESAIM Probability & Statistics, December 2017.

A. Newson, A. Almansa, Y. Gousseau and P. Perez, Non-Local Patch-Based Image Inpainting, Image Processing Online, December 2017, vol. 7, pp. 373–385 [DOI 10.5201/ipol.2017.189].

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H. Sportouche, J.-M. Nicolas and F. Tupin, Mimic Capacity Of Fisher And Generalized Gamma Distributions For High Resolution SAR Image Statistical Modeling, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observation and Remote Sensing, December 2017, vol. 10, n° 12, pp. 5724 - 5735 [PDF] [hal-01860201].

G. Terrasse, J.-M. Nicolas, E. Trouvé and É. Drouet, Application of the curvelet transform for clutter and noise removal in GPR data, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, December 2017, vol. 10, n° 10, pp. 4280-4294.

I. Egmose, G. Varni, K. Cordes, J. Smith-Nielsen, M. Skovgaard Væver, S. Køppe, D. Cohen and M. Chetouani, Relations between Automatically Extracted Motion Features and the Quality of Mother-Infant Interactions at 4 and 13 Months, Frontiers in Psychology (Human Media Interaction), December 2017, vol. 8.

G. Morral, P. Bianchi and G. Fort, Success and Failure of Adaptation-Diffusion Algorithms With Decaying Step Size in Multiagent Networks, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, November 2017, vol. 65, n° 11, pp. 2798 - 2813.

E. Ndiaye, O. Fercoq, A. Gramfort and J. Salmon, Gap Safe screening rules for sparsity enforcing penalties, J. Mach. Learn. Res., November 2017, vol. 18, n° 128, pp. 1--33 [PDF].

G. Varni, I. Hupont, Ch. Clavel and M. Chetouani, Computational Study of Primitive Emotional Contagion in Dyadic Interactions, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing , November 2017.

A. Sabourin and J. Segers, Marginal standardization of upper semicontinuous processes. With application to max-stable processes, Journal of applied probability , September 2017 [PDF] [hal-01287603].

L. Likforman-Sulem, A. Esposito, M. Faundez-Zanuy, S. Clémençon and G. Cordasco, EMOTHAW: A Novel Database for Emotional State Recognition from Handwriting and Drawing, IEEE THMS, September 2017.

F. Weissgerber, E. Colin Koeninger, J.-M. Nicolas and N. Trouvé, 3D Monitoring of Buildings Using TerraSAR-X InSAR, DInSAR and PolSAR Capacities , Remote Sensing, September 2017, vol. 9, n° 10, pp. 1010.

Ph. Herholz, S. Koch, T. Boubekeur and M. Alexa, Unsharp Masking Geometry Improves 3D Prints , Computer & Graphics (Proc. Shape Modeling International 2017), September 2017, vol. 66, pp. 135--142 [PDF] [hal-01580740].

M. Boughida and T. Boubekeur, Bayesian Collaborative Denoising for Monte Carlo Rendering, Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EGSR 2017), September 2017, vol. 36, n° 4, pp. 137-153 [PDF] [hal-01580738].

N. Bus and T. Boubekeur, Double Hierarchies for Directional Importance Sampling in Monte Carlo Rendering , Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques, August 2017, vol. 6, n° 3, pp. 35--37 [PDF] [hal-01580739].

S. Clémençon and A. Thomas, Mass Volume Curves and Anomaly Ranking, Electronic Journal of Statistics, July 2017 [PDF].

S. Clémençon, N. Goix and A. Sabourin, Sparse representation of multivariate extremes with applications to anomaly detection, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, July 2017.

S. Clémençon and P. Bertail, Bernstein-type exponential inequalities in survey sampling: conditional Poisson sampling schemes, Bernoulli, July 2017.

D. Chételat, J. Lederer and J. Salmon, Optimal two-step prediction in regression, Electron. J. Statist., July 2017, vol. 11, n° 1, pp. 2519--2546 [PDF].

F. Portier, A. El Ghouch, I. Van Keilegom and others, Efficiency and bootstrap in the promotion time cure model, Bernoulli, July 2017, vol. 23, n° 4B, pp. 3437--3468 [PDF] [DOI doi:10.3150/16-BEJ852].

K. Bailly, Ch. Clavel, Th. Janssoone et G. Richard, SMART : Règles d’associations temporelles de signaux sociaux pour la synthèse d’un Agent Conversationnel Animé avec une attitude spécifique, Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, Juillet 2017 [PDF].

X. Xu, B. Wang, L. S. Wang, X. Yanning and T. Boubekeur, Vectorized Point based Global Illumination on Intel MIC Architecture, Computer & Graphics (Proc. CAD Graphics 2017), July 2017 [PDF].

S. Calderon and T. Boubekeur, Bounding Proxies for Shape Approximation , ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2017), July 2017, vol. 36, n° 5, pp. 57.1--57.13 [PDF] [hal-01580737].

Ch.-A. Deledalle, N. Papadakis, J. Salmon and S. Vaiter, CLEAR: Covariant LEAst-square Re-fitting with applications to image restoration, SIAM J. Imaging Sci., June 2017, vol. 10, n° 1, pp. 243-284 [PDF].

V. Bisot, R. Serizel, S. Essid and G. Richard, Feature Learning with Matrix Factorization Applied to Acoustic Scene Classification, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, June 2017, vol. 25, n° 6, pp. 1216-1229.

K. Nathwani, G. Richard, D. Bertrand, P. Prablanc and V. Roussarie, Speech Intelligibility Improvement in Car Noise Environment by Voice Transformation, Speech Communication, May 2017, n° 91, pp. 17--27 [hal-01537200].

C. Aguerrebere, A. Almansa, J. Delon, Y. Gousseau and P. Musé, A Bayesian Hyperprior Approach for Joint Image Denoising and Interpolation, with an Application to HDR Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, May 2017, vol. 3, n° 4, pp. 633 - 646 [PDF] [hal-01107519] [DOI 10.1109/TCI.2017.2704439].

A.-M. Vintescu, F. Dupont, G. Lavoue, P. Memari and J. Tierny, Least Squares Affine Transitions for Global Parameterization, Journal of WSCG, May 2017, vol. 25, n° 1.

Y. Yang, J. Atif et I. Bloch, Raisonnement abductif en logique de description exploitant les domaines concrets spatiaux pour l'inteprétation d'images, Revue d'intelligence artificielle, Avril 2017, vol. 1-2, pp. 11-39.

E. Zerman, G. Valenzise and F. Dufaux, An extensive performance evaluation of full-reference HDR image quality metrics, Quality and User Experience, April 2017, vol. 2, n° 1 [hal-01493996v1].

E. G. Mora, M. Cagnazzo and F. Dufaux, AVC to HEVC transcoder based on quadtree limitation, Springer Multimedia Tools and Applications, March 2017, vol. 76, n° 6, pp. 8991-9015 [PDF] [hal-01763557].

Q. Hoarau, G. Ginholac, A. Atto and J. M. Nicolas, Robust Adaptive Detection of Buried Pipes using GPR, Signal Processing, March 2017, vol. 132, pp. 293-305.

S. Fenet, R. Badeau and G. Richard, Reassigned Time-Frequency Representations of Discrete Time Signals and Application to the Constant Q Transform, Signal Processing, March 2017, vol. 132, pp. 170-176 [PDF].

C. Concolato, J. Le Feuvre, F. Denoual, F. Mazé, E. Nassor, N. Ouedraogo and J. Taquet, Adaptive Streaming of HEVC Tiled Videos using MPEG-DASH, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, March 2017 [DOI 10.1109/TCSVT.2017.2688491].

Q. Oliveau and H. Sahbi, Learning Attribute Representations for Remote Sensing Ship Category Classification, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, March 2017, vol. 10, n° 6, pp. 2830-2840.

D.-Ch. Soncco, C. Barbanson, M. Nikolova, A. Almansa and Y. Ferrec, Fast and Accurate Multiplicative Decomposition forFringe Removal in Interferometric Images, IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, March 2017, vol. 3, n° 2 [PDF] [hal-01492428] [DOI 10.1109/TCI.2017.2678279].

V. Hulusic, K. Debattista, G. Valenzise and F. Dufaux, A Model of Perceived Dynamic Range for HDR Images, Signal Processing: Image Communication, February 2017, vol. 51, pp. 26–39 [DOI 10.1016/j.image.2016.11.005].

J. Preciozzi, A. Almansa, P. Musé, S. Durand, A. Khazaal and B. Rougé, A sparsity-based variational approach for the restoration of SMOS images from L1A data, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, February 2017, vol. 55, n° 5, pp. 2811--2826 [PDF] [hal-01341839] [DOI 10.1109/TGRS.2017.2654864].

Y. Atchadé, G. Fort and E. Moulines, On Stochastic Proximal Gradient Algorithms, Journal of Machine Learning Resaerch, January 2017 [PDF].

G. Fort, B. Jourdain, T. Lelièvre and G. Stoltz, Self-Healing Umbrella Sampling: Convergence and Efficiency, Statistics and Computing, January 2017, vol. 27, n° 1, pp. 147-168.

M. Sarkis, C. Concolato and J.-C. Dufourd, A Multi-screen Refactoring System For Video-centric Web Applications, Multimedia Tools and Applications, January 2017 [DOI 10.1007/s11042-017-4357-y].

A. Fiengo, G. Chierchia, M. Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu, Rate Allocation in predictive video coding using a Convex Optimization Framework, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, January 2017, vol. 26, n° 1.

B. Romain, L. Rouet, D. Ohayon, O. Lucidarme, F. d'Alché-Buc and V. Letort, Parameter estimation of perfusion models in dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging: a unified framework for model comparison, Medical Image ANalysis, January 2017, vol. 35, pp. 360-374.

A. Reshef, C. Riddell, Y. Trousset, S. Ladjal and I. Bloch, Dual-rotation C-arm cone-beam computed tomography to increase low-contrast detection, Medical Physics, 2017, vol. 44, n° 9, pp. 164-173 [DOI 10.1002/mp.12247].

D. Chételat, J. Lederer and J. Salmon, Optimal two-step prediction in regression, Electron. J. Statist., 2017, vol. 11, n° 1, pp. 2519--2546.

S. Lobry, L. Denis, W. Zhao et F. Tupin, Décomposition de séries temporelles d'images SAR pour la détection de changements, Traitement du signal, 2017.

H. Morimitsu, I. Bloch and R. M. Cesar, Exploring structure for long-term tracking of multiple objects in sports videos, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2017, vol. 159, pp. 89-104.

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Ch.-A. Deledalle, L. Denis, S. Tabti and F. Tupin, MuLoG, or How to apply Gaussian denoisers to multi-channel SAR speckle reduction?, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2017, vol. 26, n° 9, pp. 4389-4403 [PDF].

K. Debattista, K. Bugeja, S. Spina, Th. Bashford-Rogers and V. Hulusic, Frame rate vs Resolution: a subjective evaluation of spatio-temporal perceived quality under varying computational budgets, Computer Graphics Forum, 2017.

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