Patents and standards 2016

A. Belhomme, R. Badeau, Y. Grenier and E. Humbert, Procédé et dispositif pour estimer la réverbération acoustique, December 2016, n° PCT/FR2016/053034, pp. 20.

A. Dricot, J. Jung, M. Cagnazzo, B. Pesquet-Popescu and F. Dufaux, Integral images compression scheme based on view extraction – some new results, MPEG, Chengdu, PRC, October 2016, n° m39036.

Th. Courtat, P. Bianchi and Ph. Ciblat, Identification conjointe de signaux confondus, September 2016, n° WO/2016/097528.

B. Boyadjis, C. Bergeron and S. Lecomte, Method for generating an initialization vector for the encryption of video content, September 2016, n° EP3073752 A1.

Y.-K. Wang, M. Hannuksela, J. Le Feuvre and D. Singer, Text of ISO/IEC FDIS 14496-15 4th edition, MPEG, Geneve, July 2016.

J. Le Feuvre, Text of ISO/IEC 13818-1:2015 AMD 1/COR 2, MPEG, San Diego, February 2016.

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