Séminaire du Dr. Iole Moccagatta

Dr. Iole Moccagatta, de la société NVIDIA, donnera un séminaire le lundi 21 mars 2011 à 10h00 (salle E200, site Barrault), portant sur les processeurs graphiques et le technologie CUDA.

Titre: “Using CUDA to unleash computational power of GPU”

Inspired by computational power and potential growth of the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) used in gaming, pioneering programmers began to explore the use of GPUs for General-Purpose computation known as GPGPU Computing.

In the early days, mapping general purpose computation onto GPUs was difficult and required painstaking efforts. GPU Architecture designers at NVIDIA realized potential benefits of GPUs in solving general purpose problems, establishing GPUs place as a processor to solve non-graphics problems. To achieve this goal, engineers at NVIDIA designed C/C++ compiler, SDK and runtime software making GPGPU programming available to C/C++ programmers. Exposing parallel processing capability of GPU architecture namely CUDA enabled programmers to readily design and implement on GPUs.

In this talk, we will first present the history of GPU computing to explain the rationale behind the modern programmable GPU architecture. Then, we will introduce the CUDA programming model including an overview of tools and libraries. Finally, we will conclude with a showcase of various GPU computing applications developed by programmers, scientists and researchers around the world on CUDA architecture.

Iole Moccagatta is a Senior Video Architect at NVIDIA’s Mobile Division where she is currently working on the Tegra family of computer-on-a-chip. Prior to NVIDIA, she held positions at Texas Instruments, Rockwell Science Center, LSI Logic (previously C-Cube Microsystems), and IMEC. She has also actively participated in various image and video standards (MPEG, JPEG, ITU-T, and others).

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