Séminaire Adaptive HTTP Streaming et CDN

Le Mercredi 3 Octobre de 10h à 11h en DA006 (Vitrine de la Recherche, site Dareau), Gwendal Simon, Maître de conférence à Telecom Bretagne,  donne un petit séminaire autour des problématiques de déploiement des solutions de streaming adaptatif HTTP au niveau des infrastructures CDN.

Scaling Down the Footprint of Rate-Adaptive Live Streaming on CDN Infrastructure

Akamai, which is the main Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider, recently announced that its infrastructure will “have to expand by a factor of 100 times in the next five years just to keep up with the demand for real-time video.” One of the reasons comes from the (now widely adopted) rate-adaptive streaming technologies. Our mission is to reduce the footprint of live rate-adaptive streaming applications on the CDN infrastructure. We show in this presentation that a smart system can reduce the infrastructure needs by a factor of five with negligible losses of Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users.

Gwendal Simon (PhD’04) has worked for Orange Labs Issy-les-Moulineaux for five years and is now associate-professor at Telecom Bretagne. He has been a visiting faculty for one year at University of Waterloo in 2011. His research deals with the design and implementation of networked systems for large-scale multimedia application.

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