Demo E-SmilesCreator and GenAttitude

One of the key challenges in the development of social virtual actors is to give them the capability to display socio-emotional states through their non-verbal behavior. Based on studies in human and social sciences or on annotated corpora of human expressions, di fferent models to synthesize virtual agent’s non-verbal behavior have been developed. One of the major issues in the synthesis of behavior using a corpus-based approach is collecting datasets, which can be difficult, time consuming and expensive to collect and annotate. A growing interest in using crowdsourcing to collect and annotate datasets has been observed in recent years. In this paper, we have implemented a toolbox to easily develop online crowdsourcing tools to build a corpus of virtual agent’s non-verbal behaviors directly rated by users. We present two developed online crowdsourcing tools that have been used to construct a repertoire of virtual smiles and to de ne virtual agents’ non-verbal behaviors associated to social attitudes.





A crowdsourcing method for a user-perception based design of social virtual actors
Magalie Ochs, Brian Ravenet, and Catherine Pelachaud
International Workshop “Computers are Social Actors” (CASA), Intelligent Virtual Agent Conference (IVA),  Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013

From a User-Created Corpus of Virtual Agent’s Non-Verbal Behavior to a Computational Model of Interpersonal Attitudes
Brian Ravenet, Magalie Ochs and Catherine Pelachaud
Intelligent Virtual Agent Conference (IVA), Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013

Socially Aware Virtual Characters: The Social Signal of Smiles
Magalie Ochs et Catherine Pelachaud
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Vol 30 (2), p. 128-132, March 2013

Smiling Virtual Agent in Social Context
Magalie Ochs, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Paul Brunet, and Catherine Pelachaud
Cognitive Processing, Special Issue on “Social Agents. From Theory to Applications” (impact factor: 1.754), vol. 13 (22), pages 519-532, 2012.



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