Demo of GretAR

The GretAR project aims at developing an framework to study the interaction between humans and virtual agent in augmented reality. The research in the collaboration with HitLab NZ is focused on the spatial nonverbal behaviors, the sense presence, the proxemics and other social behaviors in that environment.


Demo of the Semaine project

The Semaine project is an european STREP project and aims to build a SAL, a Sensitive Artificial Listener, a multimodal dialogue system which can:

interact with humans with a virtual character sustain an interaction with a user for some time react appropriately to the user’s non-verbal behaviour

The SAL-system is released to a large extent […]

Demo of the ABCD protocol

In this demo, we present a cross-layer protocol for video streaming in mobile ad-hoc networks. The protocol, called ABCD, builds an maintains a multi-tree overlay network, optimised w.r.t. the underlying wireless network; then, the video descriptions are sent independently, one on each tree. The proposed protocol allows video streaming with negligible loss rate and short […]