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Video Compression,  HEVC, 3D-HEVC, 3D video, HDR, 6-DOF, light field, super-multiview,


Description, Members, Publications


Photo of MC Marco Cagnazzo
Bureau: E502
Tel:+33 (0)1 45 81 79 63
E-Mail: marco.cagnazzo [at]
Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu
Bureau: On leave
Tel:+33 (0)1 45 81 71 92
E-Mail: beatrice.pesquet [at]

Maître de Conférences

Attilio Fiandrotti
Bureau: E509
Tel:+33 (0)1 45 81
E-Mail: attilio.fiandrotti[at]


Associated members

Directeur de recherche

Frédéric Dufaux
Bureau: E510
Tel:+33 (0)1 45 81 79 62
E-Mail: frederic.dufaux [at]


Michel Kieffer
Bureau: E507
E-Mail: michel.kieffer [at]

Chargé de recherche

Giuseppe Valenzise
Bureau: E511
Tel:+33 (0)1 45 81 80 17
E-Mail: giuseppe.valenzise [at]



Andrei Purica


PhD stutents

Anas El Rhammad
Nour Hobloss
Iulia Mitrica
Pavel Nikitin
Theodoros Karagkioules
Antony Nasrallah

Former team members

  • Thomas André
  • Marco Calemme
  • Giovanni Chierchia
  • Ismaël Daribo
  • Marc Decombas
  • Antoine Dricot
  • Aniello Fiengo
  • Aurélia Fraysse
  • Jérôme Gauthier
  • Raffaele Gaetano
  • Claudio Greco
  • Vedad Hulusic
  • Mounir Kaaniche
  • Maxim Karpushin
  • Paul Lauga
  • Marwa Meddeb
  • Hamlet Medina
  • Elie Mora
  • Thomas Maugey
  • Irina Nemoianu
  • Cagri Ozcinar
  • Grégoire Pau
  • Edoardo Provenzi
  • Aakanshka Rana
  • Christophe Tillier
  • Yafei Xing
  • Emin Zerman
  • Shuo Zheng



Description, Members, Publications


Journal papers

I. Mitrica, A. Fiandrotti, M. Cagnazzo, B. Pesquet-Popescu, E. Mercier and Ch. Ruellan, Very Low Bitrate Semantic Compression of Airplane Cockpit Screen Content, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (IEEE-TMM), 2019 [PDF].

Conference papers


Journal papers

A. El Rhammad, P. Gioia, A. Gilles, M. Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu, Color digital hologram compression based on matching pursuit, Applied Optics, May 2018, vol. 57, n° 17, pp. 4930-4942.

Conference papers

A. El Rhammad, P. Gioia, A. Gilles and M. Cagnazzo, Compression adaptative d'hologrammes numériques en utilisant la technique du Matching Pursuit, Compression et Représentation des Signaux Audiovisuels, Poitiers, France, November 2018.

P. Nikitin, J. Jung and M. Cagnazzo, Reference list optimization for improvement of compression of 2D-multiview content for free-navigation applications, Compression et Représentation des Signaux Audiovisuels, Poitiers, France, November 2018.

G. Valenzise, A. Purica, V. Hulusic and M. Cagnazzo, Quality Assessment of Deep-Learning-Based Image Compression, IEEE Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, Vancouver, Canada, August 2018.

A. El Rhammad, P. Gioia, A. Gilles, M. Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu, View-dependent compression of computer-generated hologram based on matching pursuit, SPIE Photonics Europe 2018 - Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Imaging Applications, Strasbourg, France, April 2018.

S. Zheng, M. Kieffer and M. Cagnazzo, Precoding matrix desing in linear video coding, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Calgary, Canada, April 2018.



Journal papers

E. Zerman, G. Valenzise and F. Dufaux, An extensive performance evaluation of full-reference HDR image quality metrics, Quality and User Experience, April 2017, vol. 2, n° 1 [hal-01493996v1].

E. G. Mora, M. Cagnazzo and F. Dufaux, AVC to HEVC transcoder based on quadtree limitation, Springer Multimedia Tools and Applications, March 2017, vol. 76, n° 6, pp. 8991-9015 [PDF] [hal-01763557].

V. Hulusic, K. Debattista, G. Valenzise and F. Dufaux, A Model of Perceived Dynamic Range for HDR Images, Signal Processing: Image Communication, February 2017, vol. 51, pp. 26–39 [DOI 10.1016/j.image.2016.11.005].

A. Fiengo, G. Chierchia, M. Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu, Rate Allocation in predictive video coding using a Convex Optimization Framework, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, January 2017, vol. 26, n° 1.

Conference papers

P. Nikitin, J. Jung, M. Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu, Performance Study of View Synthesis with Small Baseline for Free Navigation, CoReSa, November 2017.

A. Purica, B. Boyadjis, B. Pesquet-Popescu and F. Dufaux, A study of norms in convex optimization super-resolution from compressed sources, MMSP, London, United Kingdom, October 2017.

A. Purica, B. Pesquet-Popescu and F. Dufaux, A Railroad Detection Algorithm for Infrastructure Surveillance using Enduring Airborne Systems, ICASSP, New Orleans, USA, March 2017.

V. Hulusic, G. Valenzise, J.-Ch. Gicquel, J. Fournier and F. Dufaux, Quality of Experience in UHD-1 Phase 2 television: the contribution of UHD+ HFR technology, International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP 2017), Luton, UK, October 2017 [hal-01567377].

K. Feyiz, F. Kamisli, E. Zerman, G. Valenzise, A. Koz and F. Dufaux, Statistical Analysis and Directional Coding of Layer-based HDR Image Coding Residue, IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP 2017), Luton, UK, October 2017.

A. Rana, G. Valenzise and F. Dufaux, LEARNING-BASED TONE MAPPING OPERATOR FOR IMAGE MATCHING, ICIP , China, September 2017 [PDF].

Y. Liu, N. Sidaty, W. Hamidouche, O. Déforges, G. Valenzise and E. Zerman, An Adaptive Perceptual Quantization Method for HDR Video Coding, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Beijing, China, September 2017 [hal-01579536].

A. Rana, G. Valenzise and F. Dufaux, LEARNING-BASED ADAPTIVE TONE MAPPING FOR KEYPOINT DETECTION, ICME, Hong Kong, China, July 2017 [PDF].

E. Zerman, V. Hulusic, G. Valenzise, R. Mantiuk and F. Dufaux, Effect of Color Space on High Dynamic Range Video Compression Performance, International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX’2017), Erfurt, Germany, May 2017 [PDF] [hal-01505967].

V. Hulusic, G. Valenzise, K. Debattista and F. Dufaux, Robust dynamic range computation for high dynamic range content, Human Vision and Electronic Imaging Conference, IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging (EI 2017), San Francisco, USA, January 2017 [PDF] [hal-01433779].