Ph.D. Defense of Mira Sarkis
Tuesday, October 4th at 2:00 pm, Room B312
Télécom ParisTech -- 46, rue Barrault -- 75013 Paris

A multi-screen refactoring system for video-centric web applications

Mira Sarkis.
Date and time
Tuesday, October 4th 2016 at 2:00 pm.
Télécom ParisTech -- Site Barrault -- Room B312.
Ph.D. Thesis Supervisor
Jury members
  • Cécile Roisin, Senior Research Scientist (Université Grenoble Alpes),
  • Pablo Cesar, Associate Professor (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica Reviewer, Amsterdam).
  • Pierre Senellart, Professor (ENS Cachan),
  • Stephan Steglich, Research Scientist (Fraunhofer FOKUS Examiner, Berlin).

The presentation will be held in english.


The ubiquity of web applications and the user possession and utilization of multiple devices are major factors for the increased demand for multi-screen applications. Multi-screen applications impose challenges on the application developer and designer especially if existing single-screen applications have to be transformed to the multi-screen environment. Designers should plan the user interface distribution and should adapt the layout for various devices. Developers should re-organize the application logic and associate it to the distributed user interface. They should preserve the application functionality and finally they need to adapt it to the underlying multi-screen platform. In this work , we propose an end-to-end refactoring system for web applications. The system allows the re-use of existing single-screen applications to automatically create multi-screen applications. The components of the multi-screen applications have their layout adapted to small and large device and they are ready to operate synchronously to provide a complementary usage experience. The performance of the system is quantitatively evaluated on different sets of applications containing at least one video element and interactive content.

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