The research topics covered by the Image, Data, Signal (IDS) department at Telecom Paris-
Tech are:

  • the study of image processing in its various formats, digital, optical… for different applications like medical imaging, remote sensing, fine arts…,
  • the study of speech, music and sound,
  • the study of multimedia signals and applications,
  • the applications of statistics and probability to the field of information processing,
  • the study of optical information processing,

After its reorganization at the beginning of 2017, the department is now organized into three groups and 8 research topics:

  • The 3 research groups
    • Signal, Statistique and mAchine Learning  (SSA)
    • Multimedia (MM)
    • Image, Modeling, Analysis, Geometry, Synthesis (IMAGES).
  • The 8 research topics
    • Machine learning
    • Audio data analysis and signal processing
    • Computer graphics
    • Probabilities and statistics
    • Mathematics for images
    • Remote Sensing Data and Images
    • Social Computing
    • Biomedical image, digital health