Biomedical images, digital health

This research domain focuses on analysis and understanding of medical images, biological imaging, biomedical signal analysis, large health data bases, bio-statistics and bio-informatics, with applications in neurosciences and digital health.
A few topics of interest:
– medical imaging: analysis and understanding
– biological imaging
– biomedical signals
– bio-statistics
– bio-informatics

– applications in neurosciences
– modeling anatomical, medical and health knowledge
– large health data bases

Participants: Florence d’Alché, Isabelle Bloch, Slim Essid, Pietro Gori, Alexandre Gramfort, Henri Maître, Anne Sabourin, PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers, Catherine Adamsbaum (CHU  Kremlin-Bicêtre, associate researcher at LTCI).
Associate: Elsa Angelini

Animation: seminars (see the list of recent seminars), overview and feedback on conferences, shared tools, co-advising of students’ projects, internships and PhD theses…

Collaborations: academical (in France and abroad), network “Santé, autonomie et qualité de vie” of Institut Mines-Télécom, CHU (Kremlin-Bicêtre, Necker – IMAG2 team, XV-XX, Sainte Anne – IMA-BRAIN team …), industrielles (Philips, General Electric, Carestream, EOS Imaging…)

Contact: Isabelle Bloch