Social Computing Topic

The Social Computing topic aims to gather research around computational models for the analysis of social interactions whether for web analysis or social robotics. The peculiarity of this theme is its multidisciplinarity: computational models are established in close collaboration with research fields such as psychology, sociology, and linguistics. They are based on methods from various fields in signal processing (eg speech signal processing for the recognition of emotions), in machine learning (eg use of Random Random Fields for the detection of opinions in texts ), in computer science (ex: the automatic processing of the natural language for the detection of opinions, theintegration of the socio-emotional component in the human-machine interactions).

The research carried out on this topic within the  IDS department is organized around the following three items:

  • social data analysis of the web
    • textual data: opinion mining, argument mining
    • relational data: analysis of community graphs, analysis of preference data, log analysis
  • social signal processing and emotion recognition (multimodal analysis – text, audio, video, social and emotional signals) in human-human and human-agent interactions.
    • Detection of user’s opinions and social-emotional behaviors
    • Recognition of emotions in handwriting
    • Generation of socio-emotional behaviors
  • socio-emotional strategies of interaction and human-machine dialogue

Applications for this theme include: e-reputation, referral systems, data mining, social robotics, embodied conversational agents and virtual companions (Cortana, Google now, Siri), multimedia indexing, medical applications (diagnostic aid).

Permanent researchers in Image Data and Signal Department : Chloé Clavel, Florence d’Alché Buc, Slim Essid, Laurence Likforman, Giovanna Varni, Anne Sabourin

Permanent Researcher in Network and Computer Science Department: Jean-Louis Dessalles

Postdocs: Atef Ben Youssef, Brian Ravenet, Varun Jain, Guillaume Dubuisson

PhD students: Caroline Langlet, Thomas Janssoone, Irina Poltavchenko, Valentin Barriere, Alexandre Garcia

Inter-disciplinary topic, related to the activities of the Economics and Social Sciences Department (SES):

Contact: Chloé Clavel