Research contracts

S2A is involved in numerous research projects including for example:

Teaching and research chaires:

  • The chaire Machine Learning for Big Data, headed by Stephan Clémençon;
  • The chaire Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Digitalized Industries and Services headed by Florence d’Alché-Buc and which will replace the former chair from november 2018
  • Two teaching chaires Methods and Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence (TALAN) headed by P. Bianchi and Chaire Science des données (BEARING POINT) headed by Florence d’Alché-Buc.

european and International projects

National projects (ANR, FUI, ..)

  •   ANR GRACE (Oct 2018 à Sept. 2021), Researchers involved: Giovanna Varni.
  •   ANR THALAMEEG (Oct 2014 à Sept. 2019), Researchers involved : Alexandre Gramfort.
  •   ANR MAOI (Oct 2017 à Sept. 2020), Researchers involved : Chloé Clavel.
  •   FUI-GEOLYTICS v2 (July 2016- July 2019), Researchers involved: Stephan Clémençon
  •   PIA-EXPRESSO (Mar. 2018- Aug. 2021), Researchers involved: Florence d’Alché-Buc, Robert Gower
  •   SATT-AHEAD (june 2018 – Dec. 2019) Researchers involved: Slim Essid
  •  ANR MAGELLAN (Jan. 2015 à Déc 2018)  Researchers involved:  Pascal Bianchi, Olivier Cappé, Jean-François Cardoso, Gersende Fort et Eric Moulines.

Projects in direct collaboration with industry

  • Numerous joint Phd with industry (CIFRE program) in particular with EDF, TECHNICOLOR,DEEZER, MORPHO, SIGFOX, EASYRECRUE, BNP, PSA,
  • Research collaborations contracts with SAFRAN (predictive maintenance), SMART IMPULSE (Non-invasive load monitoring), BNP PARIBAS (Predictive Marketing)